OtomED-E [Anoa] is a mod that replaces ED-E's model and puts her in his place.  


OtomED-E joined Al's gang during his Rocket Propelled Chainsaw?! mod review. She doesn't blink or speak with her own voice or sounds. Instead, she uses ED-E's own original sounds and uses his original weapons as well. 

During the mod, Al tries to get her to demonstrate what she can do, although her lasers turn out to be weak and Al's other companions are forced to kill the enemies for her. It is unknown what happened to her at the end of the mod, as she doesn't appear again.


  • Jerry McGhoulBerry once peeked up her skirt.
  • Al is annoyed that she doesn't have her original laser noises that sounded cool, as there was some issue about copyright that prevented them from being heard/played. 
  • OtomED-E is actually Aoba Anoa from a video game on the Xbox 360; Otomedius Excellent.