This page is about the Osama Bin Brahmin character. For the video, go to the Osama Bin Brahmin Montage page.

Osama Bin Brahmin
Osama Bin Brahmin (or the other Brahim), after being shot

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First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Montages: Osama Bin Brahmin - YouTube







Matt (Formerly)

Osama Bin Brahmin is a Brahmin terrorist.

Origin Edit

Osama Bin Brahmin has made attacks on the Mojave that have the NCR to send Sergeant-Lieutenant Hammerfist and his team to attack him. He and his team infiltrated his compound - Brahmin Base Alpha - and fought through it, until they reached him. There were two Brahmin in the room and they couldn't tell who's Osama and who's just a random Brahmin. As they reached the door to killing their enemy, Hammerfist has a conversation with Chickens and thinks she is a major racist as she could not tell which one is Osama. Hammerfist then threw a grenade into the room, severely injuring both Brahmin. Al then rushed into the room and he fired a bullet Once. Twice. Thrice. Killing both of them.

Appearances Edit

He later appeared in a mod that recreates the events in the montage and prior, following in the footsteps of Sergeant-Lieutenant Hammerfist. He was eventually killed by Al.

After his death, his corpse was stuffed and put up on display in the Alchestbreach Grand Museum in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Run a Shop! - Part 1.

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach Manor - Part 2, in the trophy room of Breach Manor, a dead clone of Osama Bin Brahmin was on display.

Somehow he was alive, but captured and was under the influence of Critical Miss, a character based on MattCrier Breach goes to him to retrieve a grenade launcher of Axe Man's deceased friend, Bush. Crier sabotages his robes that enable him to control mutated animals, most notably him and Osama Bin Brahmin, turning them against Matt. Crier then kills them and retrieves the Bean Launcher.

Trivia Edit

  • His username on his personal terminal is xXOsamaB1nBra4m1nXx.
  • The possible reason why he came back alive under the influence of Matt is because of a cloning machine he purchased from Mr. Geck.

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