Oli is a player in the game DayZ that Al meets in TuesDayZ - Part 9 - Puppy Love.


Although hostile upon first meeting Al, Oli soon talks to Al and reveals he just needs some food and water. Upon giving him the items, Al falls in love with the character Oli is playing as, a female. He tags along with his new love interest to meet up with Oli's friend, although they ultimately have no idea where they are going.

The two soon share a "romantic" sprint through the roads and forests to reach their destination, although stop to loot some houses and find a backpack.

Upon reaching the beachfront, a random player soon assaulted the pair, shooting and knocking Al unconscious while Oli pleaded to be spared because they didn't have any good items. The player warned Oli not to move and soon executed an unconscious Al. Oli's fate is unknown.


  • Oli is a male, while the character he is playing as is a female. Al remarked that "I met a girl with the face of an angel and the voice of a man".
  • Whenever Oli's name card would appear in the video, the song "Love you forever" by KoolestinDaygo would play.
  • Al wondered if Oli's character had ever had sex in the forest. He thought it would be romantic.

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