Officer Gumlee
Officer Gumlee in Westside Park

Original Mod






First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Robot! - Part 2

Last Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Robot! - Part 3







Temporary Companions

Officer Gumlee is one of the six robots included in the mod Robot, and one of the five that accompanied Al during his "quest".

Origin Edit

Officer Gumlee (originally called Securitron MK I) is a Securitron that was discovered in Westside Park.

Appearances Edit

He, along with Chugalugs, were the only survivors of the five robots accompanying Al, with Wine Sauce and Blade Billy being killed in action, and Oculus disappearing mysteriously as they left the base. At the very end of the review, Officer Gumlee was sent back to Westside, and Chugalugs was sent back to Cottonwood Cove to live his life the way he wished to.

Trivia Edit

  • Al asked himself if the two robots would ever find peace someday, and then came to the conclusion of "presumably, yes".
  • Al thought he tried to sit down but fell down on the curb instead.
  • As Al was naming him, he asked if he had gum, referencing his name.
  • Al saw him kissing with Wine Sauce from one of the watch towers of the NCR CF while looking for the (nonexistent) Robobrain.

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