Nuka-Tron 9000 Model B is a protectron and an employee for Al in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Run a Shop! - Part 2. He works as a guard inside the store and is hired to stop robbers.


Nuka-Tron first appears while Al is doing upgrades to the store itself; buying vending machines and a cashier in the process. He appears and stands guard in front of the door to the Manager's Office. Later, the ghoul cashier Jimmy's mother walks in to in the store and Nuka-Tron is told to kick her out, seeing as how she won't leave, although he ignores Al and continues to stand next to the office door.

Some time later, after learning the truth about the store, Al uses an explosive-firing gun and blows the store up, for the insurance money; killing Nuka-Tron in the process.


  • Nuka-Tron constantly yells at Al to move along, which makes him mad, as he owns the store.
  • Al called him "The Worst Protection Machine Ever".

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