This page is about a robot named after Ballarms. For other robots named similarly, go to the Captain Ballarms, Ball², Red Ballarms, or Chef Ballarms pages.

Not-Ballarms is a companion in Al's Modded New Vegas series and is the fifth companion to be gained.

Origin Edit

Protectron (known to Al as Not-Ballarms) first appears in Fallout New Vegas Modded - Part 26  when Al repairs it in Helios One.

Al says that he won't name him because it will probably die soon, though he does start calling him Not-Ballarms a couple episodes later.

Appearances Edit

Not-Ballarms only appears in four videos as he died in Fallout New Vegas Modded - Part 30, fighting off lakelurks, in order to protect Al.


  • One notable difference between Not-Ballarms and Captain Ballarms is that Not-Ballarms has an antenna coming out of his back while Captain Ballarms does not.
  • It seems Not-Ballarms wants to gain Al's approval by impressing him such as by protecting him from the other companion's while he sleeps.