Nibbles is a wolf that is high on cocaine and has taken too much of the substance. He joins Al as a companion in Skyrim Mods: Nibbles and Bounty Hunting! - Part 1.


Al first meets Nibbles, the cocaine addicted wolf, in Cocaine Cave. After killing all of his animal friends, Al asks Nibbles to join him and he accepts. Before leaving the cave however, Nibbles helps Al slaughter the rest of his animal friends. Nibbles disappears almost as soon as he is recruited however, although he was likely off snorting more cocaine. Al goes back to pick him up shortly after and has him kill random bandits as Al travels through Bandit camps looking for various bounties. After completing several bounties, at the end of the mod review, Al gives Nibbles some cocaine and sends up to the top of a mountain, presumably to live. He is currently alive living somewhere in the mountains.


  • Nibbles can be commanded to go and snort cocaine that is lying around randomly.
  • As Al walked through the cave to get Nibbles, he killed the other animals that inhabited the cave on his trip, screaming "I'M BATMAN" the entire time.
  • Al calls him "nipples" later in the mod review instead of Nibbles, obviously finding the other name more amusing.
  • After killing his enemies, he takes a moment to pray for the fallen. Al likes this, as he says it shows character.

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