My Little Kill Bot was a companion of Al's in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Angel Park - Part 1. He is a tiny version of a Sentry Bot. Later, he appeared as an Easter Egg in another mod Al reviewed called Buried Fortunes

Origin Edit

My Little Kill Bot, along with Gully and Mr. Snuggles accompanied Al during Angel park, because Al wanted to switch things up a bit and try new companions. 

Appearances Edit

My Little Kill Bot first appears in Angel Park. During the video series, he was lost and no one has seen him since.  

His status was unknown, although he makes a surprise return in New Vegas Mods: Buried Fortunes - Part 2, as a Wild Wasteland Easter egg where he greets Al inside of Enclave R&D Vault. Al kisses him before he leaves My Little Kill Bot, and Kill Bot wishes him a nice day.  


  • He is known to be Ballarm's meth addicted stepson.
  • Upon encountering him in Buried Fortunes, Al jokes about running into Gully somewhere in the Enclave R&D Vault ("Is Gully in here? Is he going to jump out of nowhere and scare the shit out of me?")
  • He may have appeared in The Three Days After Christmas, Christmas Special as Steve's tiny robot that he returned to Ralph at Mick and Ralph's, but it could be another miniature Sentry Bot.