Muscle Boy
"What do you need?"

Original Mod






First Appearance

Exterminators - Part 1


Business Radroaches






Temporary Companions

Muscle Boy is a muscular man who only wears pants and no shirt, so that he can show off his muscles, even though his face is rather deformed. He makes his first appearance in New Vegas Mods: Exterminators - Part 1 where he joins Crier Breach as a companion.


He makes his first appearance during the mod review when he is requested by Crier so that he can show off the High Resolution Male Body Texture mod without having to be naked himself. The Radios and Business Radroaches comply with his request and create Muscle Boy, sending the muscular man to Crier to act as a companion for him.

Once Muscle Boy joins Crier and the other companions, they head inside a house, where they meet a delusional couple and eventually a man hiding in their basement, who they then chase and follow. Once outside, they encounter dangerous hobos, who Muscle Boy proceeds to fight with his fists.

They return to Bob, the man who sent them on their quest and sends them on another one, this time to collect Flamer Fuel. On the journey there, Muscle Boy manages to steal a gun and it is unknown who he stole it from. He follows Crier into Eustace's basement and is trapped underneath the rubble along with the rest of Crier's companions, forcing him to fight the Ant Queen alone. When the fight is over he frees himself and follows Crier on their next mission, to the home of a man named Sir Gentlethrusts. Crier immediately connects Muscle Boy and Sir Gentlethrusts, stating that they'll go on the most "Erotic Mission You've Seen This Summer".

When the enter Gentlethrusts basement, they are greeted by dancing Deathclaws partaking in an orgy who then begin attacking Crier and the rest of the companions. Muscle Boy tries to distract the deathclaws with his body, but this is to no avail. After the battle, Crier finds him crippled and on the ground, close to death. He gives him several stimpaks and much to his luck, is able to revive him. He falls again after fighting a mole rat gang and this time, even though Al gives him stimpaks, he does not get up this time. At the end of the mod review, he is seen with Crier, meaning he uses them to revive himself and Crier states that he hoped everyone enjoyed the abs for the whole video. It is unknown if Muscle Boy will be seen again.


  • His face is deformed because the Radios and Radroaches rushed production on Muscle Boy, only caring about his body and not his face.
  • Muscle Boy, despite having "Boy" in his name, has a rather feminine voice.
  • He randomly appeared in the updated Join the Enclave playthrough when Al was in the vertibird in part 1, causing Al to become quite confused.

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