Mrs. Harold

Original Mod






First Appearance

New Vegas Montages: The Hobo Halloween

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Exterminators - Part 1




  • Hobos





Mrs. Harold is an old woman that employed the help of Al to investigate a ghost in her basement.

Origin Edit

Mrs. Harold employed Al's newly-opened paranormal investigators - ParALnormal - to investigate strange noises emanating from their basement. Al and Jerry arrive and investigate the basement, finding a scared man who is being hunted down by Hobos, hiding with a stealth boy. Al asks him why he was hiding, but the man flees, alerting Harold and his wife, in which Mrs. Harold mistakes him for the supposed ghost. After Al alerted the Hobos, they go after him and knock him out inside Harold's house, taking the occupants. In the Hobo compound, Al calls Sizzler to help them but gets captured.

After they escape, Sizzler hacks the Hobo's prison cells to release their prisoners, among them being Harold and his wife. After they kill the Hobos, Harold and his wife make love in front of the lone cheering Ghoul Hobo survivor on the catwalk.

Appearances Edit

Harold and his wife appear in New Vegas Mods: Exterminators - Part 1 in a version where instead of Al, Crier Breach is hired by the family and he kills the Hobos instead of being captured.

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