Mrs. Ballarms is the wife of Captain Ballarms and is a temporary companion. She appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Mrs. Ballarms in which the mod is based around her. In the mod, you go on a journey to rescue two of her children. 


Mrs. Ballarms is found by Al during her own mod, Mrs. Ballarms, and Al finds her in her shack. At the beginning of the mod, she decides to team up with Al to go out into the wastes. She leaves him soon after however, as she would like him to retrieve her children. 


As mentioned above, she appears in "Fallout New Vegas Mods: Mrs Ballarms". At the end of the mod Al leaves her with her children in her shack, and has not appeared since. Mrs. Ballarms appears in Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Ballarms! as a virtual simulation designed to manipulate his mind along with a different Protectron son by Radios


  • Ironically, Ballarms isn't with Al during his review of this mod, as he is still back in time with Janet's baby. Mrs. Ballarms seems to miss him, but doesn't ask any questions about his whereabouts. She denies this and thought he was dead.
    • It's possible she does this because she doesn't want to upset her children.
  • Unlike her husband, Mrs. Ballarms doesn't knock into large objects like barrels and seems to have a clear walking pattern. 
  • While Captain Ballarms has an all gray body, Mrs. Ballarms and her children seem to vary in color, as she has a red body and her two kids have a yellow and a blue body, respectively.
    • In the simulation, she looked like a standard Protectron and was slightly smaller than Ballarms.

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