Mr. Squadamari is the teacher of the Aquatic Classroom during Indie Sunday! - Aquatic Classroom.


Mr. Squadamari is the teacher of the room where Al and many other dolphins are taking the test. As the teacher, he is in charge of patrolling around the room and monitoring the students while they take the test to ensure they don't cheat or distract others.

He seems to care about his students, even though he only gives them five minutes to complete a test. Al does not like him, shown when he chucks an eraser at him and various other objects around the room. Al ended up failing the test.


  • Al was the second student to get in trouble. The first was Mary, the female dolphin sitting in front of Al.
  • Al threatened to bring in his parents to yell at the teacher.
  • As the video progresses, Al just begins calling him Mr. Calamari, the most likely reason being he forgot his name.

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