Mr. Fiskers' incorrect paperwork.

"This job is about as easy as shoving a whale up a baby's ass." - Mr. Fiskers while cleaning the ship.

Mr. Fiskers is Al's character in Indie Sunday: Viscera Cleanup Detail. Mr. Fiskers is an 80 year old man in charge of cleaning the blood and gore in a space station after space marines fight an alien horde. He wears a blue hazmat suit with yellow gloves. He has been the space station janitor for many years. He misses the days where the space marines had gerbil races and ate the loser.


The aforementioned picture of the swan and the scientist.


  • His information papers are typos; it says his name is Al Chestbreach and not Mr. Fiskers and that he is 40 years old, when he is actually 80.
  • Mr. Fiskers uses a high powered space mop and an infinite supply of water buckets and bio-hazard bags.
  • Many of his stories involve animals and scientists making love in vents, with crudely drawn pictures flashing on the screen of these terrible events.
  • Mr. Fiskers used to work at a space aquarium with zero gravity whales.

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