Mr. Bubskins



"Mr. Bubskins on the run, trying to find his lost son."

Original Mod

Mr Bubskins





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Exterminators - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Story of Vault 11 - Part 1


Possibly a son (missing)


  • Other Ants




Temporary Companions

Mr. Bubskins is a lone ant that wandered onto Al's desk during New Vegas Mods: Exterminators - Part 1. He was later made made into a mod, which was reviewed in New Vegas Mods: Story of Vault 11 - Part 1.


Mr. Bubskins is first encountered crawling on Al's desk in the Exterminators mod review. Al picks him up, letting him crawl along his hand before returning him outside and setting him free.

Appearances Edit

In New Vegas Mods: Story of Vault 11 - Part 1, he is then seen crawling up to Al in front of the Gun Runners in Fallout New Vegas, squeaking excitedly when Al asks him to accompany him as a companion. When they set off, it is revealed that Steve is secretly jealous of Mr. Bubskins, as he is no longer the only insect on the team. He also manages to prove his loyalty to the Radios and the Business Radroaches by attempting to kill some other ants.

He follows Al through the Vault 11 mod review and is alive at the end of the review, so it is unknown if he will be seen again.


  • It is likely that Mr. Bubskins was so thankful for Al "rescuing" him that he decided to join him in a video game. How he managed to enter the game however, is unknown.
  • Al says that ants are very smart and because of this, Mr. Bubskins isn't very smart either. This is shown to be true, especially in combat, as Mr. Bubskins is quite inadequate.
  • It is unknown if Mr. Bubskins actually has a son or if Al just needed his song lyrics to rhyme.
  • During part 2 of the mod review, Al states that "you get one episode Mr. Bubskins, then you get shoved into the 'Minor Characters' category on the wiki ". This implies that Mr. Bubskins will not appear again anytime soon.
  • He may be a Carpenter Ant, according to his coloration.

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