Mr blisters

Mr. Blisters

Mr. Blisters is a white cat that debuted The Sims with Al! - Depressed Cop Edition Part 7.


In his debut during episode 7, Blisters attempted to burn down the Cop household with Jimmy Cop still inside. Fortunately, a small band of firefighters managed to isolate and put out the fire, saving the house. Blisters also revealed in a monologue that he was the one who murdered Jimmy's wife, setting this entire series of events into motion. Near the end of episode 7, Mr. Blisters is seen with two other small pets outside of the Cop household. He is forming an army to take them down. This army is called the League of Evil Pets.

In episode 10, he can be seen spying on the Cop household but runs off into the night before Jimmy has a chance to react. 

He may have been responsible for the deaths of several animals and humans at the local fair in episode 45, as several random animals stood and witnessed the deaths.


  • Mr. Blisters is the leader of the League of Evil Pets
  • It is possible that Mr. Blisters is a member of the Submarine Cats, although this has not be proven yet. It is also possible that he is a member of the C.I.A.
  • The fact that Blisters was the one that killed his wife disproves the fan theory that Jimmy was married to Mara Cavender.
  • A joke is commonly made about how Jimmy Cop murdered his own wife.
  • It is rumored that Enrique Pelly either works for or with Mr. Blisters.

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