Al, playing the mod

Mothership Zeta Crew is a thirty-four part video of a review of a Fallout 3 mod uploaded to Youtube by AlChestBreach through February 8th-18th.

Mod ReviewedEdit

  • Mothership Zeta Crew


  • This is one of those rare videos where Al does a mod for Fallout 3.
  • Parts three and six of this mod review were, for an unknown reason, unlisted. You needed to get there from a link on the 2nd and 5th video video, it appears to have been unintended as both are now listed as public.
  • Because the mod is currently incomplete (Though the mod author has in fact stated it will be updated soon.) it is unknown whether or not Al will ever return to it.

Mod TriviaEdit

  • There are several references to greek mythology in this mod.
  • The Mothership Zeta name in this mod: The Olympus, is a reference to where greek gods/godesses live, Mt. Olympus in Greece.
  • The Thunderfists squad name: Artemis Team. Artemis is the greek godess of the hunt.
  • The Bolsheviks are a reference to real world Bolsheviks who were led by Vladimir Lenin and overthrew the Tsar along with their rival Mensheviks.