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Money Chunks is Al's current character in the game Hard Time who first appears in Hard Time - Part 2. He was put in jail for fraud with a sentence of 32 days.

Life In Prison Edit

Money Chunks, like Paddy Sacker, is often bullied by the inmates and guards around him, although usually avoids conflict by running. He is often told by the black men that they don't like white people at the prison. Monkey Chunks spends most of his time making money through sorting papers at the library, or making drugs for the other prisoners. He is often asked by prisoners to be his body guard or by guards to cut him some slack for an hour, but for a price. Paddy often turns them down, resulting in the prisoners trying to fight him, or guards just giving him a harder time. Paddy also gets yelled at and even assaulted by guards for not being in bed after hours, even in the case that they announce the bed time seconds before.

Trivia Edit

  • His serial number is S-019
    • Al refers to his cell as "Sinatra 19" S-019 sounds like Sinatra. This is a reference to Frank Sinatra.
  • He enjoys doing the raptor dance.
  • Monkey Chunks shot the library guard several times with a machine gun, however the guard surprisingly survived, and forgave him right afterwards.
  • He likes to play basketball when he has the chance.
  • Unlike Paddy Sacker, Al considers Money Chunks to be a "good guy", regardless of being put in prison for fraud. Al tries to keep him out of fights, however he is constantly assaulted by the wardens and fellow inmates due to the game's poor AI.

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