Mister Cuddlesworth

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A fully grown Cuddles with his top hat.

Original Mod

Baby Deathclaw Commander





First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods:Fourfer! - Part 2

Last Appearance

New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas


AlChestBreach (Adoptive father)
The Great Cuddles of Worthington (Ancestor)
Charley (Cousin, deceased)
Jason (Cousin)





Main Companions

Mister Cuddlesworth is a Deathclaw and one of the main followers/companions of Al in Fallout: New Vegas.


Mister Cuddlesworth (originally called Deathclaw Hatchling) first appeared in the video Fallout New Vegas Mods: Fourfer! - Part 2 , in which Al reviewed four mods in one series of videos. One of these mods was the Baby Deathclaw Commander, in which the player character would get a Deathclaw egg which would eventually hatch as a tiny baby, but would grow as it gets fed every hour and fought enemies, eventually becoming full-sized.

Appearances Edit

Al grew an attachment to the lovable Deathclaw, and so the Deathclaw has appeared in nearly every video Al has made since, making him the second most prominent character in Al's videos, next to Al himself. In the Chryslus Corvega mod review Cuddlesworth was given a top hat by Al (top hat is a mod and DOES NOT come with the Baby Deathclaw Commander mod). Subsequently, during the Willow Companion mod review, Cuddles gained the ability to turn invisible for a brief amount of time after he had found and eaten a stealth boy.

Mister Cuddlesworth, along with the rest of Al's main companions, makes his last official montage appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas. He is first seen alongside Al as the group heads out for a Chicken Finger Fiesta at the Atomic Wrangler. The gang soon realizes that they are trapped in the establishment, with explosive bombs ready to go off any minute. Even though he is unable to find an exit, he escapes with everyone else when Ballarms shoots lasers into the floor, allowing them to fall into the sewers. Once in the sewers, an Al clone appears and begins decimating the civilians in the area, forcing Al and his gang to take cover while they figure out an attack plan. As they ultimately have no weapons, they run for the surface, where they wind up right in the middle of a Business Radroach attack on Freeside.

Al decides to take Steve and Jerry with him into the Strip to counter a vertibird approaching and tells the rest of his gang to hold the line, leaving Cuddlesworth behind for the time being. It was revealed that the group left behind was captured, although they were soon rescued alongside a captive Jerry and Steve and escape the bunker base, deciding to head for their base in Goodsprings. When they arrive in Goodsprings, a bomb is dropped, decimating the town and increasing the radiation to extreme levels. Because of this, Al sends Jerry, Steve, and Cuddlesworth into the radiation to try and reach their secret bunker, telling them that if they don't come back, he loves them. The trio ventures into the radiation-filled environment, finding Al's hideout among a pile of rubble

Before they have a chance to enter the base, clones of Al appear and soon overtake the group, moving on to attack Al once the trio is subdued. He, alongside the other captured companions, appear at the end of montage, having been brainwashed by the Radios and working for Crier Breach.

He follows Crier Breach as his mind-controlled companion until New Vegas Mods: Harry Mason Companion - Silent Hill!, where he and Captain Ballarms are rescued by Resistance Fighters.

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  • He was originally called "Deathclaw Hatchling" when he first appeared in the game, but the mod allows the user to create a new name for the Deathclaw. He considered "Sergeant Schultz" and "Santa Claws" as potential names, but ultimately settled on "Mister Cuddlesworth."
  • In order to train him, Al fed Cuddlesworth a ton of brahmin meat which he obtained with Cuddles in his private Brahmin fields by spawning a bunch of Fiends wielding pool cues, who were easy enough for Cuddlesworth to kill. By the end of the Fourfer mod, Cuddlesworth grew to full size.
  • He is known to often consume Stealth Boys, causing him to frequently become invisible.
  • He randomly ends up staring at Al when he is in a conversation with an NPC much to Al's amusement.
  • It is known that Mister Cuddlesworth throws barrels at Al from time to time and at this point it become a running gag.
    • According to Al, Cuddles learned the art of knocking over barrels from his cousin Charley.
  • In Al's Skyrim playthrough, his horse is named The Great Cuddles of Worthington, Which is considered a tribute to Mister Cuddlesworth.
  • Mister Cuddlesworth is also nicknamed "Cuddles" by Al.
  • He ruled New Vegas while Al was hunting Ronald Dillinger.
  • Mister Cuddlesworth one day received a top hat from Darziak, and has wore it ever since.
  • He sometimes tries to compete with Jerry by having numerous staring contests, yet they still hold a brotherly bond.
  • Al frequently refers to Deathclaws as Cuddlesworth's brethren/cousins.
  • Cuddlesworth is set to essential in the G.E.C.K., so he does not die. He just goes unconscious.
  • Mister Cuddlesworth also appears in the newer Fallout 3 videos, such as Fallout 3 Mods: Franklin Mall alongside Jerry, Ballarms, and Steve. This trip into the past seems to have taken away Cuddlesworth's top hat and his ability to turn invisible.
  • Mister Cuddlesworth sometimes stares at Al, shaming him for things he has done.
  • Once in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Wasteland Defense Part 24 Al stated he smoked once.
  • Mister Cuddlesworth can play the piano, shown in New Vegas Mods: Terran Starship Command - Part 1.
  • There was a rumor floating around that Al may have shrunk Cuddlesworth down to act as Baby Snuggles but this was forgotten about. It seems only Al himself, Cuddlesworth, and Gully know about this.
  • Mister Cuddlesworth appears on the current background of Al's channel.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Mafia - Part 2, Cuddlesworth began a relationship with a girl the gang had recently rescued, her name being Annie. He started flirting with her by coming extremely close to her face.
  • Cuddlesworth has a disease named after him in Plague Inc: Evolved - Cuddlesworth!. The world is soon taken over by Cuddlesworth.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bound By Chains - Part 2, Al reveals to Jace, a kid, that Cuddles is deathly afraid of cucumbers and murders anyone who mentions cucumbers. He does prefer the word "seacumber" as a replacement though.
  • After being left behind by Al, he, along with Janet and Sizzler, host a companion party in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Thomas Pinkerton Revengeance - 1 and invite Axe Man and Herbert to join them.
  • Cuddles dresses up as the Monopoly Man in A Fallout Halloween - Ghoul Cop!, a character he has apparently dressed up as before.
  • During New Vegas Mods: Vanessa - Part 1, according to Al, Cuddles was raised in Spring Mt. Ranch State Park.
  • Cuddles likes to drink coffee as stated by Al in New Vegas Mods: The Torn City - Part 2.
  • Cuddles accidentally kicks a barrel at Al in New Vegas Mods: Path to San Jose - Part 1, actually causing him physical harm. He may have killed Sizzler as well.
  • Al says in Real Life Al - I Answer Twitter Questions! that if he could bring one of his Fallout companions to the real world, he would choose Mister Cuddlesworth.
  • At some point on Al's modded playthrough, likely the same episode Cuddles egg was extracted by Al and Co., it was revealed Cuddles has a cousin named Charley, who was killed by Al in the break room.
  • Cuddles has a tendency to get shot by Al, due to him constantly walking through Al's line of fire.
  • It is stated in New Vegas: Bug Hunt that Al considers Cuddlesworth his strongest companion and considers Sizzler his weakest.
  • During New Vegas Mods: Attack Of The Radios! - Part 2, Cuddlesworth was briefly captured by the radios, and cloned, along with Al's other companions. The clones were then fit with their equipment and sent to assist The Radio Commander in his battle with Al. Al was physically disturbed at the sight, but murdered the clones and saved his companions.
  • He is the only companion to use the Companion Wheel when Al interacts with him.
  • He appears in Fallout 4 Mods Week 43 - Mister Cuddlesworth, Nukabear and Trench Guns! as a mod that adds him into Fallout 4.
  • According to Al in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Big Baby Fiver - Part 1 he likes watching robots Defecate