Mister CuddlesHurts
Mister CuddlesHurts ready for battle!

Original Mod

RobCo Certified - New Vegas




Robotic Deathclaw

First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Robco Certified - Part 3



Al (Simulation)
Crier Breach




AlChestBreach (Character) (Formerly)
Matt (Formerly)

Mister CuddlesHurts is a robotic deathclaw companion that Al acquired sometime during his Robco Certified mod review.


Mister CuddlesHurt is a robotic deathclaw that Al acquired along with a ton of other robots in a mod review. He is a noticeably larger than Mister Cuddlesworth and although he has actual weapons on him, he attacks the way a normal Deathclaw does. 

Appearances Edit

He later appears in New Vegas Mods: The What If Machine - Missing Chumpkins, where he was living in a cave in Quarry Junction in a simulation of a scenario where Chumpkins went missing. He attacked the player Al while looking for Chumpkins in the cave and was killed swiftly. Because this was a simulation he was not actually dead.

Somehow, he was removed of his robotic parts and was under the influence of Critical Miss, a character based on Matt. Crier Breach goes to him to retrieve a grenade launcher of Axe Man's deceased friend, Bush. Crier sabotages his robes that enable him to control mutated animals, most notably him and Osama Bin Brahmin, turning them against Matt. Crier then kills them and retrieves the Bean Launcher.


  • Al likes his ass.
  • Cuddlesworth seemed to be jealous of CuddlesHurts, as he was getting all of Al's attention because he was new. 
  • He likes to glitch through Al's body and occasionally stands right behind him. 
  • Him and Ms. Fields may have a romantic interest in each other. 

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