Misc. Monday(s) is Al Chestbreach's attempt to mix up his content other than doing mod reviews for New Vegas and Fallout 3. Al will take a random game like Doom or the Sims 3 (which ended up becoming a series all on its own series, The Sims With Al) and does his usual style of Let's Playing throughout the game. 

(Please look at Mannerisms on the AlChestBreach Wiki Page to see what type of style of Let's Play he does that make him so awesome) 

He also started his Misc Month Day segment where he plays longer games for a whole month that his fans voted for. He has so far played two games and has made one voting poll(Privated ) for Misc Month Day. Games can be found below along with this other playthroughs:

Misc Monday/Month Day Playthroughs:


Misc. Monday - Super Mario Bros!

A example of one of his Misc. Monday videos.


  • In Al's Super Mario Bros Video, Al keeps yelling at Agent Mario not landing closer to the end of the flag, saying "400 points? You can't pay the rent with that." and  "No fireworks ether, Yeah the kids are crying, Happy Birthday!".
  • Alchestbreach's full uploading schedule can be found here.

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