Mirelurk Boys

Original Mod

Fallout 4 Quest Mods: America Rising - The Enclave - Part 2








Feral ghouls



The Mirelurk Boys were a group of 4 mirelurk hatchlings that Al raised after they had hatched and he had killed their "weaker" siblings. They appeared in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: America Rising - The Enclave - Part 2.


The Mirelurk Boys wall hatched after their mother was killed by Al, who decided to adopt them out of remorse. The Mirelurk Boys followed Al around as he spoke to them and even crippled a ghoul's legs so they could eat him. The only named member, Lil' Jimmy decided to follow Al around as his siblings killed the ghoul the duo encountered a second ghoul. At first, Al saw the encounter as an opportunity for Lil' Jimmy to kill a ghoul by himself; it wasn't until Lil' Jimmy was brutally murdered that Al began to panic and run to the other boys to tell them that they needed to go to the hospital. However, all of Lil' Jimmy's brothers were brutally murdered by ghouls before the group could do so; after Al had killed the remaining ghouls, he exclaimed that the boys would have something to say to the ghouls in hell.


  • Despite Al adopting the mirelurks, they were still hostile and tried to kill him the entirety of their existance

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