A radroach who does business.

Original Mod

Milton and Hans





First Appearance

XRE Rex's Shop - Part 3


Buzz (relation unknown)





Temporary Companions

Milton is what appears to be an intelligent radroach. He was featured in Fallout New Vegas: XRE Rex's Shop: Part 3. He seems to be behind the reason Al is trapped underground at the end of the episode. It is revealed in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach House Hunting - Part 1 that Milton just wants to sell Al real estate.


Milton is a cigarette smoking real estate agent. He has a very unothodox method of getting customers, stalking them and then trapping them, such as what happened to Al. He also has a companion named Hans.

Appearances Edit

Milton and Hans make a reappearance in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Hotdog Fiver - Part 1, revealing to Al that Steve had not been paying the mortgage on their house and that they were there to help him find a new one.

They have not been seen since, although Al confirmed in New Vegas Mods: AlchestBreach Abode Remodeled! that Milton and Hans were on a beach somewhere, sipping margaritas.


  • Al gave the mod author the inspiration to make the mod.
  • Though it appeared originally that he was a Business Radroach, it is later revealed that he is just a "radroach, who does business".
  • He also forced Al to review two weapon mods. This may mean that he is an agent who works for mod makers.
  • His name was discovered through his name tag.
  • He is much larger than the average radroach.
  • He is mentioned in FNV Mods: Liberty Reloaded & The Canyons Have Eyes - 1.
  • Him and Hans may be relatives of Buzz, a deceased radroach. 

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