Michelle Hopkins is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3. She is a young adult sim aged into an elder sim and is a neighbor of The Cop Family, living directly across the street. She is a celebrity sim and is a side character in the series.


Michelle is first met in episode 18 by Jimmy while he is on a case for his job. She is seen playing video games and is on the computer, looking up pictures of dogs.

For the next few episodes, she is seen in random background shots until episode 30, when Donny goes over to visit her house. While there, Donny tries to gifts her a pistol and watches her eat waffles. The two then form a group and go out to the local restaurant in town on a "date". After the meal, Michelle goes dumpster diving. Donny and her chat about celebrity-type things before they both head home.

In episode 37, she is seen with the sim Al refers to as "Urkel" while Jimmy is on a stakeout. She tries to chat with him, although is ignored in favor of Jimmy talking to Urkel. The two soon leave together, making Al mad. She was later invited to Donny Cop's feast party, where she attempted to flirt with Jimmy and got rejected. In episode 38, Michelle is also present at another party that Donny gets invited to. Once arriving, she dances with her husband, Donny, and Dakota Fox, and the group of four break it down while Al chants "party time" around them.

Michelle is invited to Donny's birthday party in episode 42 and is present when Donny blows out the candles on his cake. She leaves soon after, saying she had a good time.

In episode 45, she is seen at the town festival for a brief moment until she dies of old age. The Grim Reaper appears and takes away her soul.

R.I.P. Michelle Hopkins

Episode 18-45


  • She is unemployed.
  • She has the Ambitious trait.
  • She is part of the Nerd Social Group.
  • Al frequently calls her "Storm" from the X-Men.
  • Her family is rich.
  • Her husband is Dupkin Hopkins, the man with the incredible hair.
  • It was revealed that she has starred in a waffle eating movie that Donny is a big fan of.

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