"We kill to survive."

Original Mod

Meyla the Berzerker





First Appearance

Sellout - Part 1








Temporary Companions

Meyla is a friend of Sizzler's who she met while at school. She is a Berzerker and a temporary companion of Al's who joins him in New Vegas Mods: Sellout - Part 1.


She is first encountered inside of a prison cell, along with Sizzler. Sizzler introduces Al to her, and she begins following him around. After the group leaves and heads to Freeside, she displays her skills by brutally murdering several thugs in the area and dismembering them. She follows Al around for the rest of the mod, obeying his orders and destroying everything in sight.

She appears again in New Vegas Mods: Meyla - Easter Egg, a small easter egg that appears in Repconn with her mod. Once Al walks inside, he is immediately scared shitless by a small, robotic girl version of Captain Ballarms. She brings Al a message that he is the last hope for mankind, and after some lengthy dialogue, he gains her as a companion. Still terrified, Al takes the gang to Rita's Cafe, where he, Steve, and Sizzler escape out the back door and run for their life. He then blows up the cafe, effectively killing Meyla along with B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S ver 8.0 (although it is revealed she survives). It is unknown if she will appear again.


  • Steve thinks that she's a member of the KISS army.
  • It is unknown if she has parents.
  • She does drugs. It is not known what kind.
  • A lot of fans want her to die brutally, due to her excessive amount of makeup and her rather inappropriate clothing.
  • She possess the ability to change between two different classes, a stealthy one and a more brutal, melee related one. She swaps outfits when she changes classes.
  • The mod Meyla was removed from the New Vegas Nexus and is no longer available due to some miscommunications over the term "meat juice", and the mod's author was banned.
  • She was one of the three victims of the bombing on Rita's Cafe, along with BALLARMS ver 8.0 and Wendy (a companion he had acquired earlier in the video). She, along with Wendy, were the ones who died in the bombing, while BALLARMS ver 8.0 survived.
  • The mod she is from was taken down because of complaints of it being "Child Porn" for its rather skimpy nature.

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