Although not actually seen, Martha can be heard giving Al information through the communication system.

Martha is an unseen character that can be first heard in Al's Chopper Cops Montage. She is a 75 year-old employee for the Chopper Cops and works at Central Command. Martha uses radio frequency to give Al information on his targets and current objectives while he reports his findings back to her. Most of the information she gives Al is basically useless, although she does do some kind things for him and gives him some-what accurate directions. She lives at home-base 720. 

Martha is somewhat dumb, thinking that dead bodies are still people and offering them coffee, referring to every weapon as a "gun shooting thing", and getting confused on what's going on around her, which is the reason she can give Al misleading information. This is most likely due to her old age though and she means no real harm. 


  • Martha supplied Happy Meals for all of the kids back at the orphanage. 
  • Al has reported various anomalies to Martha, such as the world vanishing around him, although she doesn't believe him and mocks him for acting like a dumbass. 
  • Her code name is "760", but Al just prefers to call her "a lovely woman". 
  • Al learned that she was an old woman the hard way. 
  • Martha is jealous of Alice's youth and is angry at Al for mistaking her for the young girl. 
  • She wants Al to get corn for her from drug dealers. 

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