The Mario Clone was a clone made by the Anti-Lizard Terrorists Association to replace Agent Mario after his death in a cavern.

About Edit

Like Agent Mario, he is very protective of his family that was kidnapped by the ALTA. The clone is very identical to the original Agent Mario, who was killed after he fell down a 942 kilometer cavern. It is presumed that the clone was insane, because when Codename Echo, aka Al, said the clone's family could be given super powers, Clone Mario said he wanted his son to be super fast, his daughter to be able to turn into a kitten, and his wife to have giant bat wings.

Death Edit

In level 5-1, after Clone Mario disobeyed Codename Echo and warped through World 4, Clone Mario was punished for letting terrorist in World 4 be free by not allowing his daughter to have the kitten power. Clone Mario insulted Echo, and a few seconds later, he fell down a hole, and fell 943 kilometers to his death, similar in the way Agent Mario died. Echo was enraged, and presumably closed down ALTA afterwards. He said it was too expensive to make another clone, and then left.


Clone Mario only appears in Misc. Monday's Super Mario Bros.


  • He has had surgery on him twice. These operations were made after each time Clone Mario fell down a ravine and died, excluding the third time - in which the operation was too expensive to conduct. These operations involved a drone scooping out Clone Mario's brain and surgically implanting it into a look-alike's body.
  • He has a strong hatred for racists.

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