Mara leaving the house after ignoring a dirty toilet.

Mara Cavender is a pre-made sim, and a recurring character in Al's playthrough of The Sims 3. She was the hired maid of the Duggart household and only served the purpose of appearing once a day and cleaning their house. She was shot and killed in episode 46 by Bobby. 

Work LifeEdit

The Maid Service company was first hired in episode 25, right after Bobby was released from jail for killing Abraham Finkel. The house was becoming extremely dirty due to Steven being the only human in the house at the time and Al was getting annoyed with all of the dirt, which led to him making them call to hire a maid.

Mara was a rather lazy maid, leaving the house as soon as her scheduled time for work was up and often dropping all of her cleaning duties at the time even if something was still messy.

She wasn't the original maid of the house, as there were two previous maids, one being a blond female who stopped appearing one day and a clumsy male who made Al mad, thus the reason he was fired. 

Maya's last second

Mara, seconds before being shot.

Mara appeared daily, charging the Duggarts 125 simoleons after her cleaning duties. Bobby and Steven both seemed to ignore her whenever she was in the house. Mara, however, was shot and killed by Bobby in episode 46, meaning that she will no longer be the maid working for them. She was shot in the kitchen of the house, so Bobby wasn't sent to jail for it. 

Bobby used to carry her gravestone around in his inventory, but it was removed with the rest of his inventory when he glitched into the future in episode 108. 

RIP Mara Cavender

Episode 33-46 


  • During the first few episodes since she appeared Al kept calling her Maya, however over time Al corrected his mistake and started to call her by her proper name.
  • She hates red doors, the Duggart's red sofa, and seems to just have a general hatred of the Duggart house and the color red.
  • This is probably due to the fact that the family always leaves toys and plates lying around, which forces her to do actual work.
  • She witnessed the death of the baby raccoon that Bobby shot, running over to watch The Grim Reaper take the raccoon away and then returning to her cleaning job while Steven fainted.
  • Despite being a maid, she's broken many objects in the house such as the computer or sink, often leaving as soon as it happens, making Al mad. 
  • She also likes to use objects that occupy the Duggart house, shown when she's seen brushing her teeth using the sink in the kitchen. 
  • Her gravestone says; "Mara...not so good at cleaning."

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