Malcolm Landgraab as he first appears as a child.

Malcolm Landgraab is a pre-made sim from the Sims 3. He is Bobby's friend and a recurring character in Al's playthrough of The Sims 3. 

Malcolm LandgraabEdit

Malcolm was one of Bobby's first friends that he met while at Claire's house in Episode 5, as Malcolm had come to collect the money that she had owed him and threatened to take and even eat her baby to get his money. He also threatened to carry her baby away with balloons. When he aged in to a teenager, Al mistook him for a woman several times while at Bobby's first birthday party. Bobby and Malcolm don't hang out much anymore, due to The Duggarts focusing on the assasination of Abraham Finkel, making Bobby and Malcolm now "old friends" as they haven't spoken in quite a while. Despite this, he is always invited over to the Duggart house for every party they throw and he occasionally calls Bobby so that they can chat. He may have witnessed the death of Harold Duggart. The Duggart's were informed about his mother's death in episode 71, meaning she can no longer strive to take over the world.

In episode 112, he made a small cameo at the animal park in the town, where Gumbo proceeded to attack him. In episode 115, he decided to host a pool party on an incredibly rainy day and invited Bobby to attend. He tried to convince him to kiss Claire's daughter. In the following episode, his father, Geoffrey Landgraab, died of old age.


  • Malcolm and Bobby were probably good friends when they first met, as they both shared the goal of taking over the world. Al even commented about how he and Bobby should become friends and rule together.
  • Malcolm met with his mother in the park in Episode 5 after she had sent him on a mission to inform others about the plan for Claire's child. It is unknown if her and Malcolm have accomplished whatever their goal was, as she is now an elder and doesn't appear much.
  • Malcolm is now a Young Adult with long hair which is the reason Al commonly mistakes him for a female. 
  • Al made Bobby talk to Malcolm for several hours when he was invited over to his mansion, making the boy piss on himself and the floor, greatly embarrassing him. 
  • When Malcolm first spoke to Claire, he claimed he was a dragon and that he was prepared to attack her and her house. He has not yet transformed in to a dragon though, so this was presumably a lie in order to get the money she owed him.
  • He plans on getting rid of his mother, also revealed in Episode 5 while he played against her in chess and said that she had grown too powerful, and would eliminate her the first chance he got. Shortly after that he said he would accomplish this after he got some sleep. 
  • Malcolm seems to have mellowed out with age, as he hasn't visited Claire or had evil meetings in the park with his mother in quite some time. This is probably because he entered the Business Career and had to keep his life on track to keep his job.  
  • His family are the owners of a multi-billion dollar science facility known as Landgraab Industries, and a pawn shop known as the Landgraab Sell n' Swap.
  • He was one of the guests at Steven's bachelor party.
  • He can be found in the Xbox 360 version of the Sims 3 as an adult which can be seen here, where the author of this video even capitalizes on the fact he is in AlChestBreach's Lets Play.
  • He is seen on the guest list of Robbie's death party in episode 128.

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