Malacahai when he first meets Al in Gomorrah.

Malachai Deathsong is an NPC and leader of the Deathsong Brotherhood mod. He appears in Al's review of the mod Fallout New Vegas Mods: Deathsong Brotherhood .


Malachai first meets Al in the lower level of Gomorrah. He greets Al and sends him on a quest to assasinate an old man. Al accepts the objective but lets the old man go, which angers Malachai, but he forgives Al and sends him on several other quests. After doing a numerous amount of quests, Malachai gives Al the key to the Deathsong Brotherhood Bunker, where the rest of the organization is situated. Al then runs around the place and does favors for various other NPCs before meeting back up with Malachai in his room and accepting his assasination mission. 

While talking to Malachai, he learns that there is a traitor within the group as someone is feeding information to other organizations. Malachai asks Al to find out the traitor is, which he accepts. After doing some searching, Al learns that the traitor is Victoria, another member of the Deathsong Brotherhood, and reports this back to Malachai, who is happy that she is dead. He is still suspicious and believes that something else is going on, so he asks Al to look around for clues. 

During Al's search for clues, he is attacked by Wilkes, yet another member of the organization and is knocked out. This is the last time Malachai is heard of and it is unknown if Al will find him again. 


  • He got the name "Deathsong" because while he would be on missions, he would often hum or whistle. 
  • Al greatly admires his armor and helmet. After Malcahai gives Al his own, he is greatly pleased.
  • Al cut off children's heads for Malcahai and then showed them to the father of the kids, which caused him to have a heart attack and die.
  • Malachai also made Al push a Great Khan off of a cliff.
  • The base for the Deathsong Brotherhood is under Gomorrah, as the Omertas are the Deathsongs main clientelle.
  • He tried to make Al kill an old man.

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