Maisy Miller

Maisy Miller is a sim in the game The Sims 3. She is a pre-made sim in the game and, although she starts the game as a teenager, she is now currently a young adult. She has a crush on Jimmy Cop and is a recurring character in the series.


Maisy is first encountered in episode 19, where she hires Jimmy for a case involving a car of hers that was stolen. Jimmy accepts the case and proceeds to stake out at the local beach, although didn't catch any suspicious activity until episode 20. Upon observing shady activity, he goes to question one of the individuals involved and gets the information he needs and solves the case for Maisy. Upon its completion, Maisy forms a crush on him, and the two begin chatting. Jimmy asked her out on date to a local restaurant and were about to go until Jimmy fell under a Lunatic Embrace from the Full Moon and ran home. It is unknown where Maisy went.

She is seen again in episode 30 at the restaurant in town while Donny is out on a "date" with his neighbor, Michelle Hopkins. She arrives wearing a long dress and begins talking to a plant outside of the building. She may have fallen in love with the plant, although soon leaves the area. In the same episode it was revealed that she had a Fine Arts degree.

Donny invites her on a group outing in episode 32 to the dive bar in the town, his mission to befriend her and become a greater celebrity. The two begin playing tag outside of the establishment before they start talking about books and then awkwardly try to high five. They begin playing tag again.

In episode 42, Donny gets a call from his agent to become better friends with her and he invites her over to his house. When she arrives, she grabs his guitar and forces him to miss a local party in order to be watched while playing. She then stops to play rock-paper-scissors with him and is kicked out a minute later. 


  • She has the traits Commitment Issues, Slob, and Never Nude.
  • She thought the date with Jimmy was fantastic despite there not actually being one.
  • She attended Sims University.
  • Maisy is seen at Donny's Feast Party in episode 37, although ultimately does nothing important and leaves, saying she had a good time.

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