The Magic is an 8-ball first seen in the video Fallout New Vegas Mods: Hell on Earth - Part 1 [1]

AlChestBreach sometimes uses this Magic 8-ball to decide what to do in the game. On such occasions the 8-ball often gives positive answers causing Al to question whether Magic ever says no.

The relationship between Al and Magic started to be a blossoming one. However Al's annoyance with Magic began to grow, with him reacting strongly when Magic is dropped. Magic has not appeared for quite awhile. This is probably due to the fact that Al has dropped it and never found Magic.

Magic returns in Fallout New Vegas Modded - Part 14  when Magic is bought from the Dino Bites gift shop.

Magic makes a guest appearance Fallout New Vegas Mods: Russell (Beta) - Part 1. It attempts to give Al good advice and fortune, although Al doesn't appreciate it's effort and yells in annoyance.


  • The Magic 8-ball mod can be downloaded at the Fallout: New Vegas Nexus.
  • During the Coca-Cola Factory mod, when Al is in the office of Biedenharn , whilst examining the texture of the Coca-Cola Bat, Mr. Biedenharn steals Magic without Al noticing for some time.
  • When Grognak Companion dies, the Magic 8-ball keeps giving AlChestBreach answers to unasked questions. The Magic 8-ball is not sensitive to the situation, and a crying AlChestBreach tells it to shut up. [2]
  • Magic 8-Ball's name is abbreviated as Magic, which can often be heard when Al shouts "Shut up Magic!" after accidently hitting the hot key assigned to the 8-ball instead of his intended weapon or stimpak.
  • The Magic 8 Ball may in fact be greased with butter as Al has dropped it occasionaly when using it, prompting Al to question the neccesity of that aspect of the mod.
  • Magic has never been observed to give a negative answer to any question, calling his utility into question.
  • Al's version of the mod is outdated.
  • Magic annoys Al greatly.