Mad Max

Original Mod

Mad Max Armor and Playable Race





First Appearance

Mad Max/Vault 6


Unnamed Dog (Pet)


Whiskey Fiends




Temporary Companions

Mad Max is a companion created by Al. Although originally a playable race, Al modded him into a companion based off of the Mad Max Armor and Playable Race mod. He first appears in New Vegas Mods: Mad Max/Vault 6.


Max is first seen in Goodsprings, already following Al. He introduces us to him and then they set off on their quest. While traveling to various locations on their journey, Al notices that he frequently disappears only to reappear a few seconds later.

Eventually, the gang finds an abandon bunker and Al decides to give it to Max as a home, telling him he's allowed to sleep there. Max then gives Al new information about other Vaults and bunkers and they set out on another adventure.

After traveling to this new Vault and exploring it, Al says goodbye to Max and thanks him and his dog for the help, ending the mod review.

He is brought back for New Vegas Mods: Vanessa - Part 1 to meet Vanessa and to help Al battle the Whiskey Fiends.

He does not appear again until New Vegas Mods: Caravan of Heroes - Part 1, alongside Robert Neville, Rick Grimes, and Chakan, who come from the same mod.


  • His hair is actually a wig, as Al was wearing the exact same wig during his mod review.
  • Max has a tendency to stare creepily at Al while he is talking to Vanessa. Max is also unfazed by the sight of Vanessa stripping in front of him and proceeding to have sexual intercourse with Al and a Brahmin.
  • Max has a dog simply named "Dog".
  • He speaks dog language.
    • Despite being able to speak, he does not speak at all throughout the mod review.

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