Little V0Ci
Little V0ci
"Can you fix my friend?"

Original Mod






First Appearance

The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry


PaladinV0ci (Presumed Father)


Business Radroaches




Temporary Companions

Little V0ci (Or Li'l V0ci) is, as his name implies, a miniature version of Al's friend, PaladinV0ci. He has a dog that Al despises, because of how disgusting the dog looks.


It is unknown where Little V0ci came from. He first appears in Al's montage, The Return Of Jerry McGhoulBerry, where he helps Al revive Jerry after PaladinV0ci dies.

He is also present in The Return of Janet montage, as a member of the rescue squad. He is left behind with the B-team while Al's main companions press onward. At the end of the montage, it is revealed he has a crush on Willow and is seen celebrating with the rest of the group.


  • It is unknown whether or not he and V0ci are actually related, or if he is just his look alike.
  • He is likely related to him, however, as he has the same skills to revive a someone who dies.
  • Ironically, the two montages he appears in, he helps Al get back one of his friends. Though technically he was not planning on getting Janet back, Little V0ci still helped in a way. 
  • He only appears in montages and has not made an actual appearance in a mod review.
  • Little V0ci's dog was a creature ported from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series where the dog's species were a common enemy that the player had to fight.

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