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Mister Gutsy

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Big Baby Fiver - Part 1


AlChestBreach (Creator)




Deceased (Alive in Dust)


Temporary Companions


"May you rest in peace, little Prince."

Little G, also known as Lil G is a Mister Gutsy robot and a temporary companion of Al in Big Baby Fiver- Part 1. He makes a return in Al's Fallout New Vegas Dust Playthrough.


Little G first appearance was in Big Baby Fiver - Part 1. Like Jerry McGhoulBerry, Al created it using the Buildable Bots mod. Unlike other robots, Little G was a tiny Mister Gutsy. When Al raided Caesar's fortress and got to Caesar's tent, Little G was destroyed. Al took its death pretty hard and put his robotic body on Caesar's bed as a resting place.

Dust PlaythroughEdit

Little G makes a reappearance in New Vegas: Dust - Part 12 - Lil G after Al collects the necessary parts and rebuilds him. He is immediately set to aggressive and ready to kill for America. Al shuts him down for a moment to try and upgrade him, but when this doesn't work, he simply tells G to follow him.

In his very first battle, Little G dies. Fortunately, Al dies as well, so a previous save is reloaded and Little G is alive again. He debates whether to send Little G back to the base or not, considering the fact he is very frail.

He decides to keep Little G with him, however, and allows him to train in episode 13 in combat against feral ghouls. While out training, however, the group encounters some NCR Troopers. Al isn't able to act in time, causing Little G to die again.


  • Little G wasn't essential (meaning he could die) which caused him to be destroyed.
  • Due to his small body, he may have been weaker than most Mr. Gusty's which may have gave him a disadvantage against the Legion soldiers who killed him.
  • After Al put him in his resting bed, he starts to sing I Don't Want To Wait by Paula Cole.
  • He was originally called "Baby G" by Al, but his name changed over time.
  • Little G returns in Fallout New Vegas Modded-Part 31 , slightly larger then when he was last seen. He is killed in the next episode.
  • Al assumed that he would die much faster than Corpse Buddy in his Dust playthrough.
  • Little G is Al's first Mister Gutsy companion.