Lindsay Gurpkin
Lindsay gurpkin
Lindsay Gurpkin.


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Lindsay Gurpkin is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 4. She is an adult sim and is related to Tudd Gurpkin, although it is not known what their relationship is. She is currently Jimmy Cop's girlfriend and is, apparently, a hooker.


Lindsay first appears in episode 3 of Al's Depressed Cop playthrough, calling Jimmy Cop and asking if she can come over. Once she arrives, the two being talking she reveals to Jimmy that she is single. After doing so, he begins to flirt with her and the two eventually share a kiss. She leaves when it becomes night, saying she needs to get home.

She visits Jimmy at his house in episode 4, where she instantly takes a shower upon being invited inside. The two flirt and kiss even more, Jimmy almost asking to her to be his girlfriend, although he ultimately chickened out. Just as he is about to woohoo with her, she goes home.

Lindsay goes to the Cop house in episode 5, wanting to be with Jimmy. After talking and flirting, the two woohoo for the first time with Lindsay trying to get pregnant. She leaves after they perform the action. She returns to the home to give Jimmy the news that she is pregnant. He then asks her to be his girlfriend, to which she accepts. In episode 6, she is asked to move into the house, becoming an official member of the family.


  • Lindsay is most likely Tudd's daughter, seeing as he is an old man and she is a young adult.
  • When she first showed up at the Cop house, Al mistook her for another hooker he had hired, an old woman who evidently died.
  • Al thinks that she sounds like a guy when she laughs.

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