Lil Mama





First Appearance

Cat Tales - Marriage Carriage


Butch (Mate)
Kittens (Children)




Lil Mama is a stray cat and the mother of three litters of Kittens.

Origin Edit

Butch was invited to Al's house, but was bought by Lil Mama while he was gone. He then left but met with Lil Mama right on Al's porch. Al insisted that he gets married so he can get the house back.

Appearances Edit

Butch then got married with Lil Mama and had six baby kittens in Cat Tales - Babies.

She later appears in Kitten Catastrophe 2015! where it it revealed she gave birth to more kittens.

In Cat Tales - Friendship Troubles, Al finds out that Darlene has been extorting money from Lil Mama and Butch. Al also finds out that Lil Mama has found some "magic treats" near a tree and intends to sell them in the black market.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever she hiccups, she makes a squeaking sound.

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