Legs is a robot that Al made to show off a paint mod for the Automatron DLC. Despite their appearance and equipment (or lack thereof), they can slam their chest into enemies and shock them with Tesla Coils.

Origin Edit

After making Fallout 4 Mods Week 71 - Big Molerat Bud and Lil Baby Gun! Al decided to make an Automatron companion with Automatron Decals and Prints and named it Legs

Appearances Edit

While Al was searching around the Metro, Legs fended off Priest Johnson until he was severely damaged as Al came back. Showing off how tough he was, Legs followed Al as he was on fire as if it was nothing.

Automatron Build Edit

  • Special Mods
    • Unknown Special Mod
  • Torso
    • Mr. Handy Torso
      • Top Actuated Frame
      • Front Factory Armor
      • Rear Actuated Frame
      • No Eye
      • No Left Eye
      • No Right Eye
      • Tesla Coils
  • Left Arm
    • No Left Arm
  • Right Arm
    • No Right Arm
  • Legs
    • Assaultron Legs
      • Mid Hydraulic Frame
      • Left Leg Hydraulic Frame
      • Right Leg Hydraulic Frame
  • Voice
    • Bleep Click Voice
  • Paint
    • Manila Paint
      • Tiger Stripe Decal Worn


  1. Tiger Stripe Decal Worn requires Automatron Decals and Prints.

Trivia Edit

  • Al initially made Legs a girl, but then decided Legs could be whatever gender they wanted.
  • Legs caused a fire while fighting reprogrammed Mr. Handys, much to Al's amazement.
  • Legs once performed an Assaultron "execution" animation, despite their lack of arms, on a Ghoul Cultist; a repeated stabbing to the chest with claws, invisible in this case.
  • In Fallout 4 Quest Mods: The Great Old Ones - Part 2 at the 11:19 mark, Legs ran backwards.
  • Legs has a tendency to phase through the ceiling when in need of repair.
  • Unlike other companions, Legs tooks at least four pushes to get him into a hole.
  • Al calls Legs' Tesla Coils as "Shock Probes".
  • Al considers their Top Actuated Frame as their eyes, similarly to WALL-E.