Legionary Assassins
Legionary Assasin
One of the assassins

Original Mod


First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas: Modded - Part 116

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Bonnie Springs Rebuilt - 3


Sleek (Formerly)
Slam (Formerly)
Dan (Formerly)
Johnny (Formerly)
Other legionnaires




The Legionary Assassins are recurring characters in Al's Fallout New Vegas Playthrough and Mod Reviews.

A friendly group of Legionary Assassins that accompanies Al are The Birthday Brigade.


The Legionary Assassin (along with his other recurring clones) go after Al because of his actions towards the Legion. They team up on Al and his companions quite frequently and usually appear at an inconvenient time. 


  • Al is always pissed off to see them as they always run into him at inconvenient times.
    • This can be proven as every time Al runs into them, he says "OH MY GOD I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!"
  • The assassins seem to re-quote the same line every time they run into each other: "The Caesar has marked you for death, and the Legion obeys! Ready yourself for battle!"
  • The Legionary Assassins often repeat the same word, which annoys Al, probably causing their ultimate destruction: "Retribution!"
  • Their appearance changes every now and then when the assassins and Al cross paths. 
  • This group of assassins have appeared in the Christmas montage "The Three Days After Christmas", when Al lured them in with "important quest" bait. He then told the assassin leader and his fellow soldiers that the deformed child Al had received was AlChestBreach himself, causing them to take the child into custody. The legionaries were all brutally murdered after this. 
  • Al is often confused as to how many assassins Caesar must have at his disposal, let alone why he keeps sending them after Al when it's obvious he's unstoppable.
  • They seem to have recently, as of Fallout New Vegas Mods: Nipton Rebuilt - Part 2, employ much more aggressive tactics, such as shock weapons, preemptive strikes, and night combat. This is probably due to their constant failures to kill Al.
  • Al probably killed most of the Legion, which might explain them not appearing that much anymore, yet they maintain a strong influence over the Mojave.
  • Some became temporary companions of Al's in New Vegas Mods: Freeside Redone - 4 when their leader dies and they are unsure what to do, so they follow Al around instead. He gives them names, naming them Sleek, Slam, and Dan and where called "The Birthday Brigade".
    • Another group of legionaries found Al in New Vegas Mods: The Hunt - Part 1. They are known as "The Party Patrol". They consist of 4 and wear party hats. Their names are currently not known, however Al calls one of them "Johnny" (the one who "broke his leg off" and kept getting wounded). Lore-wise, it's possible that Sleek, Slam, and Dan went back and told stories about their adventures with Al (if they are still alive at that point), the Party Patrol must've heard of this and sought for Al. While accompanying Al, they assisted in attacking several groups of animals, even their own allies, another group of Legionary assassins (on which "Johnny" gotten wounded from). Unfortunately their adventures are short lived and they all died in the second part due to a pack of Mirelurks.