The League of Evil Pets
 is an organization of animals trying to destroy the Cop Family. The founder and leader of the group is Mr. Blisters, a cat, accompanied by two unnamed dog members. The first appearance of the group was The Sims With Al! - Depressed Cop Edition -Episode 7, in which they tried to set the Cop's house on fire.


It is unknown when the League was founded but it is known that their leader is Mr. Blisters and their main goal is to destroy the Cop Family. The League is quickly expanding when it is revealed that Mr. Blisters is recruiting agents for the League.

Operations Conducted by the LeagueEdit

It is unknown how many operations the League conducted but it is known that the League has conducted at least four operations. The first operation was the assassination of Jimmy Cop's wife. The second operation was the failed attempt at burning the Cop House down with Jimmy in it. The third operation is the recruiting of agents into the League. Mr. Blisters and two other agents were outside the Cop House at night, after the fire, possibly spying on the Cop Family or awaiting another tragic event to occur. The last is in episode 8, in which the League is seen digging a tunnel to the cop families basement in order to plant bombs, this plan however is never activated. 


Mr. Blisters is the leader of the League. He was seen with two other pets signifying that these two pets are members of the League. At one point a deer was seen drinking water from the pond at the Cop House. It is possible that the Deer is a member and was gathering intel. At the end of Part 10 two horses were seen with a dog that was asleep and Mr. Blisters. The two horses and Mr. Blisters proceeded to run away from the Cop House and into the night where no one could follow. 

Trivia Edit

  • It has become clear that the League is very powerful for one cat to kill a human woman and for the League to expand so quickly.
  • The League of Evil Pets may be part of the Submarine Cats or the C.I.A.
  • The fact that Mr. Blisters is confirmed to have murdered Jimmy's wife proves she was not Mara Cavender, as was previously theorized. 
  • This group shares similarities to The Horse House, as there are only three known members and all the animals possess exceptional intelligence.
  • In episode 14 it is revealed they are no longer across the street from the Cop residence, likely having been displaced by the fair.
  • Donny and Jimmy's deceased pet snake and crow were rumored to be members.

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