"I'm right behind you."

Original Mod

Kumiho - standalone follower





First Appearance

Moon and Star - Part 1




Thomas the Tank Engine dragons




Main Companions

Kumiho is a warrior and a former temporary turned main companion who first joins Al in Skyrim Mods: Moon and Star - Part 1. She enjoys walking into people and bears resemblance to a fox.


Although it is not known how she was obtained, she was automatically following Al at the beginning of the mod video. He warns her that their previous companion died while traveling with him, but she didn't seem to care, simply mumbling "I have your back".

She travels around with Al on his quest until they set up camp. She begins cooking soup with the help of Steven. Al calls this unnecessary. She then follows Al around for the rest of the mod until he commits suicide by jumping off of a cliff.


She appears again in Skyrim Mods: The Graven Deep - Part 1 and other subsequent mod reviews wearing some modded armor and wielding a large weapon Al had given her. It is implied that she is now a main companion.

During Skyrim Mods: Ogmund's Tomb - Part 1, she, along with Clackers, Chloe, and Steven are gathered together to form a super team for Al's final official Thursday Skyrim mod review. She is alive at the end of the mod review and will likely be present if Al posts another Skyrim video.


  • She has a fox tattoo on her face. It is rumored that the tattoo is symbolic of a fox creature that seduced boys and ate their spleens.
  • Al pronounced her name as Kum-e-ho at first. He found it inappropriate and began saying her name correctly.
  • She may have fallen in love with a chicken. This chicken is not Chloe.
  • She resembles Janet from Al's Fallout New Vegas mod videos. She frequently speaks aloud and voices her opinion when fighting.
  • Al said that it was "that time of the month" during his Graven Deep mod review, referring to the blood on her armor and implying that she was currently on her period.
  • In Skyrim Mods: A Cure for the Nightmare - Part 1, Al implied that Kumiho may be a pedophile.
  • Al also implied that she may be a nymphomaniac.
  • Kumiho secretly worships Akatosh, the Aedric God of Dragons and Time, though mistakenly believed by Al to be the God of Snakes. Al disapproves of Kumiho's worship as he believes that an anaconda will come and bite his dick off.

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