A beautifully hideous creature.


Misc. Monday - Spore! - Part 3

The Kooboos are a peace-loving race of omnivorous aliens that inhabit the rocky, desert and forest–filled planet of Chodarius. The species enjoys chocolate and romantic comedies.


Kooboo's were first introduced to Chodarius by a comet/cargo ship carrying thousands of Beanie Babies carrying alien cells (according to Al), destroying Chodarius in the process (according to Al). The Kooboo subsist on Breachicans (orange pear shaped fruit found on Chodarius) and tomatoes (which are meat chunks, called 'tomatoes' by Al). They first appeared in Al's Misc. Monday - Spore! Part 1. When/If Al is to continue Spore, it is believed that the Kooboo's would conquer all of the island they live on. When they run, their asses sucks air in and out, possibly showing they breathe through their anuses. Male Kooboos impress female Kooboos by the size of their head spikes, when two head spikes are the same size, the two males fight to the death for the female. Kooboos lay large, blue eggs. In Al's Age of Empire 3 videos Al states he will be doing more Spore soon.

Al has begun to play Spore once again, starting with this video. However, Al has decided to start a new species, though he did say that he could travel to Chodarius once he hit the Space Age and destroy them all.


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Synapsida

Order: Therapsida

Family: Niplidae

Genus: Gallus-Similus

Species: Gallus-Similus Alienus-Nipper


  • Similar to the sea cucumber, the Kooboo appears to be able to breathe out of its anus, probably making breathing an awful, awful experience.
  • Similarly to the seahorse, the male Kooboos are the ones that lay eggs instead of the females.
  • Contrary to being peace-loving, the Kooboos destroy anyone who doesn't like chocolate.
  • They have large puckered asses that spew out poison.
  • For celebrating rituals, they dance by squeezing their asses and stomping their feet.
  • They are also known by their scientific name: Gallus-Similus Alienus, which translates to "Rooster-like Alien".

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