Kitten Boy

Kitten Boy is the boy sidekick of mysterious superhero and rare companion, The Purr. He first appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Siege of the Dead - Part 2 and is a temporary companion of Al


Though originally intended to come along with Al on the mod review once met, something caused the mod to mess up, leaving Kitten Boy behind. Although he couldn't move, he played a key role in the early stages of Al's Treasure Hunt quest, until the tragic death of The Purr traumatized him and left him unable (or perhaps just unwilling) to go on any further. Al left him in the sewers along with Chumpkins and some supplies. It is unknown if he will be seen again.


  • Al appears to greatly dislike the boy, though he was concerned on how he would react to The Purr's death.
  • He seems to follow The Purr rather than Al, which is fine with him. 
  • He, together with The Purr, was created by Al. 

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