Kev on his quest for donuts.

Original Mod






First Appearance

Blackrow - Part 1





Presumed Dead


Temporary Companions

Kev is Al's friend and temporary companion created by him who first appears in New Vegas Mods: Black Row - Part 1.


Kev is first met in the ruins of a burned down house near the H&H Tools Factory, already following Al. Al tells him that they'll go and retrieve and his donuts from the Blackrow gangsters soon, and that he needs to be patient.

Once they complete a few quests from the gangsters, Al leaves the gang behind while he completes a dangerous task. When he returns, it is revealed that Kev has gone missing and Al cannot find him in the town. He mourns for a moment, thinking Kev has died, and cries at the realization he will never be able to return his donuts to him. However, upon entering a building, Kev appears again, following Al.

Kev is present at the final heist at the bank and survives, although Al breaks the news to him that they were unable to obtain any donuts. After promising to take him somewhere to forget his troubles, Al guides him outside the town and launches him into the sky with the push mod, running away after doing so. It is unknown if he will appear again.


  • He, similar to Sizzler, was created by Al to introduce a mod.
  • Kev's clothing is part of the FAT WASTELAND mod, which increases the size of clothing to make the character appear larger.
  • Al compared his pants to bread.
  • He has no dialogue like Steve.
  • Kev stopped in the middle of an important battle during one of the quests to pick up pennies.
  • It is not known if Kev is a nickname for Kevin or if it is his real name.
  • He has the same voice as Wolf Guy.

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