Johnson Calhoun

Johnson Calhoun  was a store clerk and temporary companion to Al, who first appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: The Guitar Store!


Johnson Calhoun appears out of no where, when he answers the hiring call put out by Al for his guitar store. Al begins to make fun of him immediately calling him a "ghost fiend." Al asks Johnson if they have sold anything about two seconds after opening the store, and when he answers no, Al precedes to violently berate him in front of the assembled group of Companions. Johnson works at the store, until he becomes a temporary companion of Al's in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Tower of Raiders! - Part 1 .

Johnson seems to have a rather dull and monotonous life as he never moves from his starting position once from the begining of the mod.


While traveling with Al and the other companions to find Herbert  a home, Johson joins in on the attack of raider tower. On the fifth floor of the building Johnson is killed by super mutants and explodes into a pile of guitars. Johnson's leg can be seen flying towards Al shortly after his death. 


  • Soon after Johnson Calhoun exploded into guitars he rose from the dead as "Evil Johnson". Sadly, Evil Johnson only lived for a few seconds before he to was killed by the same super mutants who killed him the first time.
  • He had an abundance of caps and frequently gave some of his money to Al.

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