John Smith
(an alias) is an NPC and the main "antagonist" of New Vegas Mods: Dark Hero Duster


John, although not seen at the beginning of the video, was wanted by the NCR for bounty of 2500 caps by the NCR, a job that Al accepted. He traveled through various locations, fighting off other hunters and even a clone of himself, before finally arriving at the right location. John appeared on cue, although Al swiftly defeated him. While looting his body, he finds a note that revealed that he and John were actually friends before he had gotten shot in the head, and most likely had no memory of their friendship. Al and the gang grieved his death at the information and soon held a funeral for him while Al sang an incredibly depressing song.


  • In the mod, there is another bounty hunter that Al defeats who is, in actuality, a clone of him apparently created by the Radios. It is not explained how this occurred, although may be expanded on in the future.
  • John never got to reveal his real name due to Al shooting him before he was able to finish his note.
  • He was supposedly "wrongfully accused" of committing a crime against the NCR and killed several of their soldiers. John stated that their deaths were not his fault and that one of the soldiers clumsily dropped a grenade on their foot, blowing up their squadron.

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