Jimmy Whistles
Jimmy Whistles is a severely deformed child who followed AlChestBreach in the video "Wasteland Defense Part 22". They appeared again with their deformed sister Cindy Ribbits in AlChestBreach's Rust Town V2 review.


  • A possible theory is that it is Ronald Dillinger in disguise. He shaved his head and got punched so hard in the face that their chin is the way it is.
  • No one knows if Jimmy was created by Al himself or if they are a mod.
  • Jimmy was referenced in Al's mod review of Saving Carla Boone - Part 3 .
  • Jimmy's cousin was shipped to Al during the Three days after Christmas, Christmas Special. 
  • Jimmy's dad, Johnny Whistles, was a Fiend that Al killed in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bounty Bonus Quests - Part 5.
  • It's very possible that Jimmy comes from "The Disturbing Companion Mod" by TheFluffyRaisin on the New Vegas Nexus. Another companion, Young Bull, is also packaged in the mod. The Mod Author expressed great desire in seeing Al review his mod, so it is likely that Al may have installed the mod to review it and completely forgot about the whole thing.