Jimmy (Ghoul)

Jimmy before being headless

Jimmy is a ghoul who worked for Al in the mod Fallout New Vegas: Run A Shop! as Al's employee. Even though Jerry worked there as well, Jimmy is the only one who actually did anything. 


Jimmy headless

Jimmy; alive and headless.

Jimmy's first and only appearance is in the "Run A Shop" mod review. He is idle for most of the review. However, at the end of the review, Al shoots the store with explosive bullets, blowing it up for the insurance money. Jimmy, despite being headless, somehow survives, possibly meaning a montage is yet to come about his revenge.


  • Jimmy's mother would frequently show up at the store to purchase some of the items. 
  • Despite Jimmy never actually doing work, he somehow made 200 caps on all of his work days, even before the store had opened.
    • Jimmy actually sells drugs in the back of the store.

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