Original Mod

FROST Survival Simulator





First Appearance

Fallout 4 - FROST - Survival Simulator - Part 1




  • Absolutely everyone except Ada and a hobo





Jim is Al's player character in his Frost playthrough. He has the default male appearance as he can't create his appearance.

Origin Edit

In Fallout 4 - FROST - Survival Simulator - Part 1, he starts off in a room with a terminal to change their SPECIAL and three doors; The Shipwrecked Path, The Kidnapped Path, and The Mercenary's Path. Al then chose The Mercenary's Path and finds himself as what appears to be an ambush survivor as evidenced by the bodies of Survivors laying about.

Appearances Edit

He then meets Rodney, a friendly Survivor, at the Rotten Landfill in Fallout 4 - FROST - Part 7. Rodney then quickly dies from Molerats.

Al recieves a gift from GerokeyMaster in the form of a new weapon: Slightly Bigger Stick, in Fallout 4 - FROST - Part 14. He breaks the stick after a few fights and wasn't able to use it again.

The following episode, he met his first trader; a Mister Handy in the Science Center Gift Shop and purchased items to create Fungal Purge; a consumable item that acts as Radaway but removed 5 HP.

He set up a settlement in Hangman's Alley in Fallout 4 - FROST - Part 16 and uses it as a main base.

He meets Ada in Fallout 4 - FROST - Part 29, but leaves her, thinking she's overpowered and leaved the viewers to decide.

In Fallout 4 - FROST - Part 30 when he went back to Bunker Hill to pick up a Medium Backpack, he was attacked by his future self and named himself Jim. He played with his future self's dead body before resting it on a patio chair. Because of the viewers telling him so, he recruited Ada and tried to raid a Survivor base, but was killed by a molotov cocktail. He repeats this, but leaves the survivor base alone because of the survivor who killed him before is very dangerous. He goes back to Sactuary Hills via the Underground Railroad, but realizes Ada was left behind in an attempt to modify her.

Trivia Edit

  • In reality, his future self was a friendly Survivor NPC he met in Bunker Hill that was meant to act as a Vanilla child named Meg as he retained her subtitles.

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