This page is about the robot named Jesus. For other characters named Jesus, go to the Jesus or Jesus Christ pages.

"Are you stuck?" - Al

Original Mod

Fallout New Vegas Christmas Special





First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Christmas Special - Part 7

Last Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Christmas Special - Part 9








Temporary Companions

Jesus is a Hardened Mk III Mister Gutsy that followed Al in his review of The Fallout New Vegas Christmas Special.


Jesus (originally called Hardened Mister Gutsy) first appeared in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Christmas Special - Part 7, in Depot Level #3 of Fort Greble Ordinance Depository to retrieve a howitzer shell for the Powder Miser.

Appearances Edit

Al activated him out of curiosity and asked the immobile Mister Gutsy if it was stuck. It eventually followed Al when he walked away from its pod.

Al reloaded to before he activated the Hardened Mister Gutsy due to a bug that didn't allow him to interact with an Analogue Switchboard. He once again reactivated him but died from a nuclear explosion to the switchboard again. He reloaded again and reactivated the robot, yet again. After giving the shell to the Powder Miser, Al named the robot "Jesus" just so he can yell at him. When Al was sent to find 23 RobCo cathode ray tubes from Securitrons, Jesus died in the attack.


  • Al first called him "Goo-goo Eyes" after looking at Janet. Jesus also has nicknames such as just "GooGoo", "GooGoo Face", "GooGoo Robot", "GooGoo Baby Firedogs" and "GooGoo Fire".
  • He has a crush on Janet, which made Al jealous.
  • Al said that the name "Jesus" was temporary, but then he died.

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