This page is about the human companion named Jesus. For other characters named Jesus, go to the Jesus (Robot) or Jesus Christ pages.

Jesus companion
"Are you ready to die?"

Original Mod





Son of God

First Appearance

The Search for the Word - Part 1


God (Father)





Temporary Companions

Jesus is a companion that, like Kev and Sizzler, was created by Al to introduce a mod. He appears in New Vegas Mods: The Search For The Word! - Part 1.


Jesus is first met inside a tent. After Al is given a quest to find different passages of the Bible, he follows Al, wanting to assist him. On the way, Al asks him to revive several passerby's who die, although he doesn't end up healing anyone. Jesus also showed no mercy to any enemies they encountered, brutally obliterating all villains they passed. 

Although he almost dies during a cazador attack, he survives, and later disappears at the end of the mod review after a fight with the man who initiated the quest. Al said not to worry, and that he would be back.

Trivia Edit

  • Jesus became offended every time Al shouted "Oh Jesus", prompting him to change this to random people's names, such as "Oh Janet" or "Oh Cuddlesworth".
  • Shortly following his return, he attempted to save the supposed President's Daughter, however ending up killing her.
  • Since his return in the Mojave Wasteland, Jesus has been stealing vertibirds, and saving children and their dogs. 
  • He needs to put sunscreen on his lips.
  • Another version of Jesus Christ appeared in a mod review and had a Black Version of the BOS scribe armor on from the Jesus Christ Rocket Revelations. It is unknown if this is the same Jesus. 
  • It is presumed he doesn't have a pilot license considering he stole a vertibird.
  • In Vanessa Part 2 it is revealed that Jesus writes graffiti sometimes.

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